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Full service dental practice in Federal Way, WA. We provide dental care to children and adults ranging from regular teeth cleanings to dental implants.

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Family Dentist in Federal Way WA

Sheets Dental has 3 commitments:

  1. Your health
  2. Your comfort
  3. Your access to dental care

Your Health

Most people don’t know that poor oral health can cause other severe health problems that are seemingly unrelated to the mouth. That is why invest so much into our training, technology, and your comfort so you’re willing to return for your regular cleanings.

Another seemingly unrelated important factor to health is confidence and self-esteem. Often times when people don’t like their teeth, they don’t smile. When people don’t smile, they don’t feel as confident. When people don’t feel confident, life just isn’t as good, and sickness can ensue.

This is what Cosmetic Dentistry is all about – enhancing smiles and improving people’s quality of life.

Your Comfort

The better your experience, the more likely you are to come back for regular cleanings and open up to us when you have concerns. We’re driven to ensure your comfort and experience are the best, so that you stay healthy.

Your Access

Not everybody has insurance, so dental care just isn’t accessible to them. You may not have insurance, but you do deserve proper treatment and the health benefits associated with good oral hygiene (see above).

Check out the details of our Patient Loyalty Program to see how we can provide access to dental care even if you don’t have insurance.

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