Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)


Everyone says that the worst thing that could ever happen is for them to need a root canal. We have heard numerous people say they would rather have a baby than have a root canal. The advantage of the root canal over the baby is that you don't have to feed the root canal for the next 18 years. Haha! And, let's not even talk about all the diaper changing. In reality, most people have never had a bad root canal but it sure is fun to talk about it.

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ttlWhat is a Root Canal Procedure?

Sometimes teeth have large cavities that get to the point where they begin to affect the nerve that is inside of each tooth. When this happens we often experience cold or hot sensitivity, biting pressure sensitivity or pain, swelling in the gum around the tooth, or the tooth merely seems to hurt all the time for no particular reason. When this happens often times the tooth can be treated and saved by simply removing the affected nerve from the tooth. This allows the tooth to remain in the mouth and usually will cause all symptoms to go away. This process is called root canal treatment or also known as endodontics.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Although root canals have traditionally had a very negative reputation, in reality, most root canals can be done without the patient experiencing any, or very little pain. This is especially the case when the treatment is caught sooner than later. The key to having your root canal be painless is to try to catch the problem before it becomes very painful. The longer you wait to have your tooth treated the more likely the treatment is to be uncomfortable. This is because more damage to the tooth results in more inflammation to the nerve. Nerves that are inflamed are more difficult to get numb and, therefore, these teeth tend to feel more discomfort during treatment.

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