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Douglas M Sheets, DDS

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Broken or cracked teeth can destroy your self-confidence. Douglas M Sheets, D.D.S. in Federal Way, Washington, provides the restorative care you need to feel your best. Dr. Sheets offers same-day crowns using CEREC® technology, so patients can quickly complete their treatment plan. Crowns cover cracked, damaged, or unsightly teeth. They protect against future dental damage, too. Let Dr. Sheets help you explore the benefits of CEREC crowns. Call the office today or request an appointment online.

Crowns Q&A

What are dental crowns?

After a tooth injury or dental surgery, Dr. Sheets may recommend a crown. Crowns are small, tooth-colored caps. They fit over your teeth to protect chipped, cracked, or damaged areas. Crowns can also restore your smile and help boost your self-confidence. Many patients feel better about their appearance after receiving a crown.

What are the benefits of crowns?

During your lifetime, your teeth suffer chronic wear-and-tear. Decay eats away at tooth enamel, and injuries can result in a cracked or chipped tooth. These damaged spots are a target for decay. Unhealthy habits like teeth grinding or clenching can weaken your teeth too. Over time, your teeth may become cracked, discolored, and vulnerable. 

Without treatment, vulnerable teeth are prone to breakage. You might develop severe decay or widespread infection. Worn, chipped teeth can affect your bite and jaw alignment, too. Many patients also feel embarrassed about their uneven smiles. Fortunately, crowns can resolve this problem. 

Each crown is custom-made and blends seamlessly into your mouth. By design, your crown looks just like your natural teeth. Meanwhile, the crown protects weak or broken teeth against further damage. 

What should I expect from my procedure?

During your consultation, Dr. Sheets discusses your planned procedure. He explains what you can expect from the treatment process. Dr. Sheets also chooses the material for your crown.

Dental laboratories can manufacture crowns using a variety of materials, including:

  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Resin
  • Ceramic

Dr. Sheets determines which material meets your needs. He also takes photographs or impressions of your mouth. 

For a same-day crown, Dr. Sheets uses the CEREC system to produce your crown in-house. CEREC uses computer-assisted design and 3D printing technology. The system creates a custom-made crown within 15 minutes. 

In the meantime, Dr. Sheets shapes and prepares the tooth. He files down the sides of the tooth so the crown fits snugly. Finally, he cements the crown into place. With CEREC, there’s no need to schedule multiple appointments. You can complete your crown procedure in a single office visit. 

Most crowns last 5-15 years. You can extend the lifespan of your crown by practicing good oral hygiene. Avoid chewing hard substances like ice or fingernails. Never use your teeth to open a package. Using your teeth to rip and tear may damage your crown.

To learn more about same-day crowns, call Douglas M Sheets, D.D.S. today or request an appointment online.